Marvel Comics Egg Attack Action Figure Venom

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First bursting out of the comic pages in 1984, Venom, the most exciting‘anti-hero’ever created has been thrilling readers ever since. Hailing from the same comic universe as Spider-Man, the character also first came to the silver screen in 2018’s ‘Venom’movie. Classed as a symbiotic alien, this creature needs a host body to fully achieve its goals and to survive. At first a simple, slimy goo, yet once combined with a host, the new form is given ultra-powerful agility and strength. With great power however in this case doesn’t always come great responsibility! Instead the host will begin to exhibit signs of instability and ultimately the loss of their mind! Nevertheless, once combined the new creature, called Venom mixes good with bad and is always a force to be reckoned with!


Beast Kingdom Taiwan is excited to recreate 6-inches of menacing power. Venom’s dark charms are a perfect ‘combination’ for the famous Egg Attack Action brand of figurines. With a faithful recreation of Venom’s bulging body, oversized mouth and tongue, as well as his strong fangs, replacement expressions and a movable chin, collectors are sure to turn heads anywhere it is placed. Not forgetting that the set also includes two head sculpts, as well as four different sizes of symbiotic special effects goo! One of the most playable and collectible Venom figurines on the market, so make sure this figure is added to your collection this summer!

Based on Marvel’s famous comic styling. Beast Kingdom is proud to present an exclusive Egg Attack Action ‘Venom, anti-hero action figure.

  • Encapsulating the terror of Venom’s large presence
  • Upgraded Egg Attack figure with up to 24 point of articulation
  • Four replacement eyes, bringing the beast to life
  • An assortment of accessories, including two replacement heads, and a variety of special symbiotic goo effects.


  • Three replacement head sculpts including the following:

Venom head sculpt

Eddie Brock head sculpt

Venom and Eddie Brock symbiotic head sculpt

  • Four replacement eyes
  • Four Symbiotic goo special effects
  • Two pairs of replacement hands including:

             Clenched hands

             Relaxed hands

  • Special stand bracket for the figure
More Information
PackagingPaper box, Blister box
Product MaterialPVC、ABS
Product Measurements20 cm Height approx.
Package MeasurementsL30 x W13.2 x H30 cm
Expected Release dateIn-Stock
ManufacturerBeast Kingdom
Country of ManufactureChina
Product StatusInstock
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