Egg Attack Floating

The cute, yet deformed signature series

The world-renowned Egg Attack® series of deformed figures have come to epitomize Beast Kingdom’s focus on fun, quality products. As Beast Kingdom’s first line of manufactured collectibles, Egg Attack includes a range of highly detailed statues, and floating magnetic dioramas, which are characterized by their distinctive, oval, egg-shaped heads.

With growing sub-brands under the Egg Attack umbrella, including: Egg Attack Action®, Mini Egg Attack® and Jumbo Egg Attack®, the range combines the cool and cute in a uniquely distinctive design.


Egg Attack Floating

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Set Descending Direction
  1. EAF-001 Infinity Saga Ironman Stealth Mode
  2. EAF-006 Winnie the Pooh Floating
  3. EAF-005DX Back to the Future II DeLorean Floating DX Version
  4. EAF-003 STAR WARS Millennium Falcon
  5. EAF-005 Back to the Future II DeLorean Floating
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