D-Stage Marvel Comics-Dr.Strange

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The all-powerful Sorcerer Supreme, a Wizard without a match, one who has mastered the elements, seen other dimensions, and returned even wiser and more powerful! Dr. Strange represents the magical side of Marvel comics, where otherworldly elements are enjoyed by fans looking for something outside the realms of reality!

As seen in the latest movies, and classic comics, this comic version DS-020 Dr. Strange is proudly delivered by Beast Kingdom and is based on the Excalibur series of comics.

Dr. Stephen Strange, once a brilliant yet egotistical surgeon becomes the world’s most powerful sorcerer after a car accident that seriously impeded his work. Channeling his energy into finding a cure, he stumbles upon the Ancient One, who bestows him with both the mystical arts and the martial arts. With the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto, he is able to bend reality and travel through the vastness of space and time!

The DS-020 delicately recreates the classic pose of Dr. Strange from the comics. With the sorcerer levitating and the Sanctum Santorum (the Holy of Holies), as a backdrop, this diorama is the perfect setup for your collection.

With Marvel’s most powerful female superhero: Captain Marvel also joining the ranks of the Marvel Comics D-Stage selection, order one today from your closest global distributor and add this to your collection today!

  • Recreates the classic pose of Dr-Strange from the comics 《Excalibur》
  • Recreates the symbol(window) of Sanctum Santorum (the Holy of Holies) with transparent item.
  • Delicately recreate Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation, glove and magic effect.
More Information
SKU DS-020
UPC 4713319858687
Packaging Plastic Transparency Color Box、Blister
Product Material PVC、ABS
Product Measurements 16 cm Height (Approx.)
Package Measurements L12 x W12 x H18 cm
Brand Marvel
Expected Release date In-Stock
Manufacturer Beast Kingdom
Country of Manufacture China
Product Status Instock
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