X-MEN Magneto Deluxe Version Egg Attack Action Figure

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The most infamous of X-Men Villains, the all mighty manipulator of matter, Magneto himself burst onto the comic scene in the early 1960’s, and now with 19 years of X-Men movies, Magneto has become a household name.
Whilst he is known for villainy, his story is one of tragedy, which sometimes makes him an anti-hero in the X-Men universe.
With the 90’s classic X-Men Animated series, Magneto and the X-Men themselves burst onto our screens with vivid and lively colors, as if straight out of a comic.
Following the highly successful release of the Animated X-Men’s Wolverine and Cyclops, Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom proudly presents the Egg Attack Action 6-inch highly articulable action Figure EAA-083DX X-MEN Magneto Deluxe Version.

Estimated Release August 2020

This highly articulable figure includes a magnetic helmet to protect Magneto from Professor X’s brainwave manipulation. With a focus on detail, the helmet has high grading paint-work using metallic like effects adding to the realism.

Following the previous characters in the series the Egg Attack Action Magneto includes fabric clothing and a cloak with adjustable built-in wiring, for the ultimate in possibility.
One of the coolest features includes an assortment of magnets built into the effects accessories, which can absorb small metal objects, a function the real Magneto would be sure to approve.

Including a bevy of accessories; four replacement faces, three pairs of replacement hands, and one platform stand, this figure is sure to please any collector.

Finally with a Deluxe variant also available, collectors can take home not only more helmets and faces, but also a larger, more exciting platform to show off to friends and family.

So with Wolverine and Cyclops battling to save the day, make sure you add Magneto himself to the scene and show off the ultimate mutant battle and take home your 90’s nostalgia today!

The Marvel Animated series from the 90’s introduced us to some of the most iconic character designs of all time, and now following the release of the popular Egg Attack Action Wolverine and Cyclops comes arguably their most infamous foe: Magneto!
․The helmet has high grading paint-work using metallic

․Magnet effects accessories includes a magnet, which can absorb small metal objects

․Includes a fabric cloak with adjustable built-in wiring, for the ultimate in possibility.


․Erik Lehnsherr face mode: two replacement expression faces (standard expression and angry expression)

․Magneto Helmet  (helmet mode): two replacement expressions (general expression and angry expression)

․Three pairs of replacement palms, including the following

-A pair of replacement clenched hands

-A pair of replacement hands

-A pair of replacement gripping hands

․A pair of special effect accessories "Magnetic Shock Wave" disc (with built-in magnet)

․A action figure platform with the "Marvel Comics: X-Men” LOGO print and the character name

․A Large gravel ruin scene for added affects.


More Information
PackagingPaper box, Blister box
Product MaterialPVC、ABS、Fabric
Product Measurements16.5 cm Height
Package MeasurementsL27.3 x W 13.2 x H 30 cm
Expected Release dateIn-Stock
ManufacturerBeast Kingdom
Country of ManufactureChina
Product StatusInstock
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