D-STAGE Wreck It Ralph 2 Jasmine

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2018 marked the release of the phenomenal 「Disney」 Animated fan favorite:《Wreck It Ralph 2》! And did you know which segment in this world of internet superhighways became the most famous? Yes, you guessed it, the Princess’ lounge scene where 「Vanellope von Schweetz」meets all the Disney princess from yesteryear, convincing them to part ways with their classic getups, and join her world of comfortable ‘T-Shirts’ and ‘Jammies’!

「Beast Kingdom」 proudly presents the D-Stage Wreck It Ralph 2 line of famously detailed dioramas fit for any princess in the making!

Collect all five princess themed-fitting rooms where each of our Disney Princess are joined by Venellope herself, finding some serious 21st century TLC in the process! Explore each princesses’ exclusive clothing, accessories and even their exclusive hobbies.

Check out 「Rapunzel's」 brush palette, 「Snow White's」 poisoned apple, 「Jasmine’s」 Pet Tiger, 「Belle's」 books and 「Ariel」 in the midst of a song! Most importantly all five can be combined to create one complete circular scene, making a perfect recreation of the famous film segment.

So why not take home the princess fun, and complete the collection today!

  • Any 4 Sku can be assembled as a completed scene.
  • Creative design:Based on princesses’ locker room, every princess has their own accessories and theme.
  • Vanellope interacts with princesses, and clearly presents each princess’ characteristics.


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SKU DS-025
UPC 4710227010572
Packaging Plastic Transparency Color Box
Product Material PVC、ABS
Product Measurements Approx. 16cm height
Package Measurements L12.5 x W12.5 x H18.5 cm
Brand Disney
Expected Release date In-Stock
Manufacturer Beast Kingdom
Country of Manufacture China
Product Status Instock
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