Toy Story 4 Bo Peep (CB)

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The Mini Egg Attack series is once again ready for action with a new lineup of Toy Story 4 figurines.

The Mini Egg Attack from Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom is ready to take our friendly Toys to a desk near you. The Toy Story series has always embodied fun, lively, and vibrant stories about friendship and kinship. Don’t we all wish that every time we leave our rooms our toys could come to life and share amazing adventures? With the release of the new series and detailed yet colorful designs, our dreams may just come true.
So why not collect all six of the new Toy Story 4 Mini Egg Attack sets and have your very own adventures with the lovable gang of toys?

  • Leading the crew as ever the cutest gunslinger in town with his new friend: Woody Forky
  • The lively and heroic Buzz Lightyear;
  • The Gentle yet sweet Shepherd daughter: Bo Peep
  • The cutest sheep ever raised: Shepherds Sheep
  • The famous and speedy daredevil: Duke Caboom
  • The fun comedy-duo carnival prizes: Duck and Bunny
  • Newly designed series of 6 Toy Story 4 Characters.
  • Based on the classic Mini Egg Attack Stylized designs, with cute deformed heads and high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Medium sized (around 3 inches) design, with a wooden shaped base for easy display on any surface.
More Information
UPC 4710227017359
Packaging Paper Box or Paper Box + Blister
Product Material ABS, PVC
Product Measurements Approx. 3 inch height/long
Package Measurements L12 x W8 X H15 cm
Brand Pixar
Expected Release date In-Stock
Manufacturer Beast Kingdom
Country of Manufacture China
Product Status Instock
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