Disney Best Friend Pumbaa (CB)

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A true friend never gets in your way, unless you happen to be going! And we will definitely be ‘going’, with Disney’s best friends keeping us company along the way!

Beast Kingdom proudly presents the latest in the range of highly adorable desk companions, Mini Egg Attack, Disney’s Best Friend series. Remember how our big heroes from Aladdin to Simba managed to solve the biggest puzzles and save the day? That’s right, with a little help from their trusted friends! Encouragement, friendship, and sometimes even with a big song, these characters whilst not the main stars often have just as big of a role as our main characters.

Join us in celebrating four classic companions as they strut their stuff in classic poses! Tag along with “Timon” and “Pumbaa” as they sing Hakuna Matata to Simba, washing away his worries for the rest of his days! It’s their problem-free philosophy, you see?

Or join “Tinkerbell”, the sassy, feisty, yet lovable fairy as she flies across the sky, spreading fairy dust, joy and saving Peter Pan from the evil clutches of Captain Hook! 

Finally, don’t forget to take home “Abu”, Aladdin’s trusted, loyal and mischievous Monkey. Always finding ways to get in trouble but never stopping in his devotion to his best friend. He may be attracted to jewels, but when in times of need, at a drop of a hat, he will fly the magic carpet and bring the magic lamp straight to Aladdin’s side!

The Mini Egg Attack Friend series may be small in size, but it has more than enough heart to spare, and with cute, yet meticulous designs, make sure you take home all four. You never know when you may need a friend in hand!


Designed and Manufactured under license by Beast Kingdom

- Take home the charm of the Disney classics in Mini Attack form.

- Classic Egg Attack stylized designs, but based on the classic American cartoons. Perfectly cute yet highly recognizable.

-Roughly 3 inches in height. The perfect size to showcase and display at a home desk or at the office!         



More Information
UPC 4710227017342
Packaging Paper Box or Paper Box + Blister
Product Material ABS, PVC
Product Measurements Approx. 3 inch height/long
Package Measurements L12 x W8 X H15 cm
Brand Disney
Expected Release date In-Stock
Manufacturer Beast Kingdom
Country of Manufacture China
Product Status Instock
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