Disney Diorama Stage - Alice In Wonderland Figure

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Disney Animation is always able to touch our hearts with brilliant stories and stunning images. Beast Kingdom is proud to take you back to the most beautiful and moving moments of these romantic stories through our Disney Princess Series, part of our D-select series of the Exquisite Scenes collection.

Do you remember the wonderful tale of Alice in Wonderland? Alice was gracefully reading a book under a tree when she spotted the White Rabbit hurrying past. Driven by curiosity, she decided to follow him and tumbled into the dreamlike world of Wonderland. After having a taste of a bottle that said “Drink Me” and a cookie that said “Eat Me” that changed her size, Alice ran into the Cheshire Cat, lying on a tree branch. She later managed to offend the Queen of Hearts and was chased by some playing card guards, before she was awakened by her sister’s call, back in our world once again.

The exquisite setting and details of this scene, as well as the rich colors and meticulous way the statue is hand-painted and assembled, completely capture the beauty of this wonderful dream world, and take you back to the fantastical land of the movie.

D-select [Princess Series]. Collect all 4 Now!

DS-010 Alice in Wonderland

DS-011 Beauty and the Beast

DS-012 The Little Mermaid

DS-013 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

6 inch (about 15-16 cm tall) Disney Princess Scene

  • Detailed scene setting
  • Exquisite and charming character depiction
  • Assembled by hand and painted with rich colors


More Information
PackagingPaper Box
Product MaterialPVC ABS
Product MeasurementsH15.4 x W10.1 x L7.1 cm
Package MeasurementsH18.5 x W12.5 x L12.5 cm
ManufacturerBeast Kingdom
Country of ManufactureChina
Product StatusInstock
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