Ultraman Series & Gurihiru

Beast Kingdom announces the “Ultraman Series & Gurihiru” set of MEA figures in celebration of Ultraman’s 55th anniversary

Taiwan – July 21st, 2021 – The world-renowned “Entertainment Experience Brand” Beast Kingdom has officially announced the launch of a series of collectibles based on beloved Ultra Heroes and Kaiju from the Ultraman series. The Beast Kingdom is excited to share with fans the latest series for collectors to enjoy! 


Mini Egg Attack “Ultraman Series & Girihuru” Series


The “Ultraman Series & Gurihiru” line of Mini Egg Attack (MEA) figurines are being unveiled in collaboration with Beast Kingdom as part of the celebration of the 55th anniversary of Ultraman. The series is based on the works of the famous Japanese Gurihiru illustration team, whose unique stylized designs are one of a kind and a basis of inspiration for many global studios, including Marvel and DC comics. Designer Gurihiru commented: “Ultraman is a character that many in Japan grew up with, I myself being one of them. I am thus extremely excited and proud to be participating in the creation and design of this powerhouse character as an adult. It is truly a dream come true, and thus I am excited to see our design creations come to life and be enjoyed by fans all over the world.”


Mini Egg Attack “Ultraman Series & Girihuru” Series – Ultraman Tiga 3D Preview


Beast Kingdom has always endeavored to provide collectors with high-quality craftmanship and depictions of the world’s most renowned pop cultural icons. With this goal in mind the CEO of Beast Kingdom, KK, issued a statement on the recent signing of the partnership: “The art of collecting physical creations of one’s own heroes reflects the journeys we all have in life, echoing the joy we experience in movies and comics. This time we are proud to announce our cooperation with the Japanese production house ‘Tsuburaya’ to launch a series of high-end collectibles based on the well-known Ultraman character. We cannot wait for fans of the Japanese hero to enjoy and relive their cherished memories.”


Mini Egg Attack “Ultraman Series & Girihuru” Series – Sevenger 3D Preview



Tsuburaya Productions is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Beast Kingdom team, which has made a long-lasting commitment to providing collectors with quality pop culture experiences. For fans of Ultraman and the designs of Gurihiru alike, this is truly a moment for collectors to rejoice! 


About Mini Egg Attack®

Mini design, big heart

Just starting off on the Egg Attack journey? Then the “Mini” series is a perfect entry-level collection that still looks the part. Featuring a cute, 4-inch, desk-sized statuette or diorama design, this series still combines the same fun, deformed, egg-shaped styling of the Egg Attack range, but in an affordable, perfectly diminutive form factor!  With a growing range of famous movie and comic characters, it’s easy to start collecting, but possibly difficult to stop!