The Beast Kingdom Jack Skellington Range fit for the Christmas Festivities!

The Beast Kingdom Jack Skellington Range fit for the Christmas Festivities!


Tis the season to be Jolly!

What a year 2020 has been, yet with all its challenges, the joys of Christmas and the preparations for a new year always bring fun and laughter to kids and adults alike.

So what better way to celebrate the holidays than by revisiting one Beast Kingdom’s most festive offerings with The Nightmare Before Christmas range of statues, statuettes, and figures.

Whilst the movie itself initially celebrates Halloween, it is the joys of Christmas that ultimately brings out the warmth from our hero Jack Skellington, ‘The Pumpkin King’. After discovering Christmas Town, Jack understands the true spirit of Christmas and the holiday joys, and makes it his mission to bring back these wonders to his own hometown!

So dive into the Beast Kingdom collection, and you too can find some Christmas spirit this holiday season!


DAH-019 Dynamic 8ction Heroes Jack Skellington

The long limbs and slender body of Jack Skellington are perfect for the DAH range of highly articulable action figures. Included in the set are 6 replaceable faces and a glow-in-the-dark tuxedo made of real fabric. A ghoulish look still hides a warm inside that unmissably Jack through and through.
This set is for collectors of the authentic Jack Skellington outfit, who want to also be able to pose the figure as they see fit!


D-Stage 035 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ok, now for collectors who enjoy a snapshot statuette of their favorite movie scenes, the highly detailed D-Stage range doesn’t disappoint. Using detailed paint techniques this little statue showcases all of the intricate details of the spooky home of Jack Skellington.
With ‘Zero’, Jack’s trusty dog flying in as well, there is always room for our favorite spooky friends to make themselves at home on a desk near you!


MC-015 Master Craft Jack Skellington

For the connoisseurs of collecting, the Master Craft series offers the highest quality of craftsmanship by the Beast Kingdom team!
The Jack Skellington MC-015 is a near 40cm high piece, the hand-painted statue that is an extremely detailed rendition of the famous star gazing pose of our favorite hero Jack.
With each statue individually numbered, with its own plaque, the set is perfect for a real showcase of the famous Disney character.


NBX-01 Nightmare Before Christmas Pullback Car Series

It’s all fun and games with figures and statues until we really need to get some competitive races going after finishing all that Christmas turkey. So get your racing hats on and grab the pullback car set, which really speeds up Jack Skellington and friends!
Can you spot the Christmas outfit Jack sports amongst all his fellow racers?


DAH-019SP Dynamic 8ction Heroes Jack Skellington

We finally made it to the main attraction! The DAH set is primed to make Christmas, one, unlike any other.

Have you ever wanted to see Jack dressed in his Santa gear? Well, now you can. A full Santa get-up complete with a beard and a Santa gift bag brings Jack straight into the holiday season, and ready to be part of your collection.
A massively fun set features most of the accessories of the original DAH-019, now with a range of special additions in the SP pack.

Whether you are into high-end collectibles, articulable figures, or are interested in racing your favorite characters, make sure you stock up on the Jack Skellington, Nightmare Before Christmas range of collectibles from Beast Kingdom and bring a little holiday spirit to your home today!