6 Reasons Why The Mark-50 suit-up was so unforgettable!



After 23 explosive movies, The Infinity Saga to the sadness of many came an end. It’s been two years since we waved goodbye to Tony and his Iron Man suite-ups, now I’m not sure if we will ever see him again (maybe a replacement for J.A.R.V.I.C.E ’hint’ ‘hint’?), but admittingly Tony had always been the ‘Elon Musk’ of the MCU. Or was it the other way round?

A playboy philanthropist one day, a universe saving superhero the next. From Tuxedos to casual wear, the melding of man and machine came full circle with the Tony Stark’s Nano Mark-50 suite-up, giving fans one of the most unforgettable suite morphings ever seen on screen.
So why was the Iron-Man Mark-50 suite-up so unforgettable?

1- Surprisingly Fashionable

Tony has always been a fashionable guy! A real ladies’ man at heart, and an astonishing inventor to boot, his choice of clothing has always been smart with a hint of tactical, all the more evident in his casual wear prior to morphing!



2- Bye, Bye Exo-Skeleton

One important point was that in all the movies prior to Infinity War, man and machine were separate! From the very first Mark-1 all the way to Iron Man 3’s Mark-42, Tony Stark was in essence a man inside an exo-skeleton! Yet nothing prepared us for the Mark-50 suite up, the most advanced Iron-Man morphing ever witnessed up until that point!


3- Under Armour Eat Your Heart Out

During Infinity War’s first battle Tony and crew are in New York, confronting two of Thanos’ evil minions; Maw and Obsidian. Tony steps up, sporting a very tactical but sporty tracksuit that wouldn’t look out of place in an Under Armour store! We all thought he must have just come from the gym!



4- The Suite-Up that sent fans into meltdown!

During that first scene, just as we begin to expect the usual laser-guided suite up, or maybe a payload delivery from a satellite, Tony pulls on two drawstrings, his tracksuit significantly tightens around his body, and then bam!!!, his Iron Man suit morphs around him as if it was part of his own body, sending fans (including yours truly) into a frenzy!


5- Suite-up with speed

Prior to the Nano-Tech Suite, often one of Tony’s weaknesses was the speed at which he would suite up. With the Mark-50 however, this drastically changed! Now with one double-tap of the newly designed reactor, the Mark-50 would appear and also repair itself on the fly!


6- Nano-Suite Origins with a twist 

Tony removed his arc reactor in Iron-Man 3 and replaced it with a new type of reactor that housed ‘Nano’ particles, reshaping and creating the entire suite amongst other weaponry directly from the reactor itself. All that hard work definitely paid off and introduced fans to an organic ‘mighty morphing’ power suite!


Unlike all other suite ups, the first time we see Tony morphing into his Mark-50 suite is truly a sight to behold, and on that note, his sporty tracksuit, that also morphs in its own way is definitely memorable as well.
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